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Commercial Roofing Masters

Commercial Roofing Masters provides companies, corporations and manufacturers with comprehensive servicing and consulting for all aspects of large-scale commercial roofing. Our team has decades of expertise in all components of your commercial roofing needs, including project assessments, estimates, installations, repairs, and general maintenance servicing.

Dura-Last Expertise

Commercial Roofing Masters offers expertise and customer service in every aspect of large-scale commercial roofing. Whether you’re starting a new commercial build, repairing an older warehouse, or just figuring out what’s the next best step in protecting your commercial property from mother nature, Commercial Roofing Masters can help.


Commercial Roofing Masters only works with Duro-Last Platinum Contractors and specializes in installing the highest quality Duro-Last roofing systems on warehouses and other properties of 30,000 square feet and above. We employ Amish roofers known for their quality and efficient workmanship.  

Our Team Can Walk the Walk

Our team can “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” with all stakeholders involved: we understand the scope of large commercial roofs, as well as the fine details of labor and costs per square foot. We know what it’s like to install from scratch, or maybe just get a few extra years of life from your aging roof. We understand a commercial roof is a huge project– one that takes planning, professionals, and attention to long-term detail.


Our Services

We offer a range of commercial roofing services from budgeting and estimates to the fine details of the highest-quality professional contractors and final inspections. We use industry leading Duro-Last roofing materials Duro-Last Platinum Contractors for a reason. No matter where you are in your commercial roof project, we can help.


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Who We Work With

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